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Welcome! Creative Megan.


Who is Megan: Megan is a 21-year-old beginner fashion photographer in New York City. She is also a Junior student at NYU.

Goals: Megan had been taking photographs for a few years and now she is seriously considering getting her feet in the door of fashion photography by setting up her photography business. Her biggest problem is that she found it difficult to get people to know about her and her work. She realized that she need to gain marketing skills to apply to her business.

Life attitude: She is a creative type and she is not afraid to be different. As she is not a Photography major student she learned photography skills all by herself by watching online tutorials. She appreciates things that have tasteful design.

Buying style: Megan wants to grow her business quickly, so she is willing to spend money on things that she believes can help her photography business. She likes fashion. Her favorite online retailer is Net-A-Porter.

Source of information: She subscribes to fashion magazines such as Vogue, W Magazine, and The Porter. She also visits fashion websites such as Fashion Gone Roge, Model.com, Fashionista, The Breed, Fashion Photography Blog every morning.

Devices: phone, computer

Platform: Instagram, Facebook
A day in Megan’s life: Megan gets up in the morning at 8:00 AM. She spends 10 minutes checking her Instagram when she is still on bed. While having breakfast she browses the website Fashion Gone Roge to keep up with the latest fashion trend and fashion editorials. After breakfast she starts working on the mood board for her upcoming photoshoot. At 11:00 AM she has a meeting with a makeup artist to discuss future collaboration opportunities. Then Megan grabs lunch at a nearby Deli. During lunch she posted a photo she took on her Instagram page. At 1:00pm Megan goes to class. During class breaks she checks her Instagram post and replies to comments under the posts. Megan gets back home at 6pm and cooks dinner for herself. She watches YouTube videos on studio lighting while having dinner. At the end of the day, she reads Vogue before she goes to sleep at 12:00AM.